Adult Dog Program

 Achieve the following

 Your dog will learn to

  • Respond to name
  • Training your dog to sit

    Sitting = Please
    Train your dog to sit

  • Sit for greeting, food bowl, to have lead attached, when entering and exiting doors and gateways, before getting in the car and before getting out of the car, before crossing the road and many other situations
  • Sit is please and is a very important behaviour to teach on cue
  • Drop or lie down
  • Dog in drop or down position

    Train your dog to drop or lie down

  • Stand (handy for grooming and your vet visit)
  • Eye contact (when giving attention)
  • Mat training (can be transferred to bed or crate)
  • Walk nicely on a loose lead
  • Come back to you with a collar touch
  • Leave it (getting the dog to leave something)
  • Item exchange (giving the ball back when playing fetch)
  • Stay in one position
  • Passing other dogs politely
Dog running, Training class for recall on command

Training your dog to come when called

You as owners

  • Understand how dogs learn
  • How to handle and groom dogs
  • Understanding and managing normal dog behaviour for example jumping, barking, mouthing digging.
  • Health requirements
  • Suitable training equipment for your dog
  • Provide things for your dogs to do while home alone
  • Food requirements
  • Places where dogs can and cannot go
  • Responsibilities of owning a dog
  • Laws relating to owning a dog

Most importantly enjoy your dog and your training.